Leopard Rest Camp, Lake Mburo National Park, Uganda

Meet Our Team

Joseph Leopard Rest CampJoseph, 27, Head Chef

Joseph is from Bushenyi. The thing he most like about working at Leopard Rest Camp is cooking food for the guests and also going to the market to select the best quality of produce for the guests. He also thinks that the team at Leopard Rest Camp is a good team to work with!

Joseph thinks that the guests should be going to the park to see the animals when visiting Leopard Rest Camp.

Joseph dreams about having his own business and maybe even set up a hospital for the local community.


Annah Leopard Rest Camp

Annah, 26, Sous-chef

Annah is from Bushenyi. She thinks the best thing about working at Leopard Rest Camp is cooking and the wild life.

Annah recommends guests of Leopard Rest Camp to go for a bike safari in the park, camp here and eat our delicious 3-course dinner!

Annahs’ future plan is to become a farmer ‘I want to have animals like cows and goats and cook from the things on the farm’!

Her favourite food is chicken in coconut sauce with mash potato!


Rose Leopard Rest Camp

Rosemary, 21, Chef

Rosemary is from Louwero. She likes to prepare the English dishes on the menu as well as the 3-course dinners.

Rosemary thinks that guests at Leopard Rest Camp should enjoy the view and the grounds and enjoy the good food and service!

She dreams of being a business woman, to have her own shop and sell food items like pacho and beans!

Rosemary’s favourite food is motooke!


Hope Leopard Rest Camp

Hope, 23, Housekeeping

Hope is from Rwokobo, she likes to chat with her friends at Leopard Rest Camp.

She likes her job a lot and recommends guests to try and find the Leopard.

She wants to be a self employed business lady in the future.


Macklean Leopard Rest Camp

Macklean, 27, Service

Macklean is from Queen Elizabeth, she likes the teamwork at Leopard Rest Camp.

She recommends guests to enjoy a great service at the camp and find animals .

She wants to be a farmer with cows, goats and hens in the future.


Evas Leopard Rest Camp

Evas, 24, Chef

Evas is from Fort Portal, she likes to watch a lot of different animals around Leopard Rest Camp, especially baboons.

She recommends guests to do a nature walk to see cows and watch the milking.

She wants to be a business lady and open a food shop in the future.


Ochan Leopard Rest Camp

Ochan John, 23, Guide and Service

Ochan John is from Sorodi. He thinks he best thing about working at Leopard Rest Camp is the nature ‘being close to all the nature, the animals, plants and birds’ he says.

He would recommend our guests to do the biking safari, game drives and the nature and community walk.

Ochan John would like to be a consultant to other people about how to take care of nature and to promote tourism activities in Uganda to other countries! He also wants raise awareness about how to preserve nature and speak to the local people about the dangers of spoiling nature.

When asked what Ochan Johns’ favourite thing about nature is he replies ‘As long as its nature that’s my favourite thing, I love it’!


Abdu Leopard Rest Camp

Muluka Abdul, 36, Construction

Muluka Abdul, also know as Abdu, is from Jinja, he likes doing construction work around the camp.

He recommends guests of Leopard Rest Camp to see the animals like the zebras and impalas, ‘the animals we have around camp aren’t dangerous’ he says!

Abdu future plan is to become a businessman and open a boutique with clothes, shoes and belts in Jinja!


James Leopard Rest Camp

James, 55, Guard

James is from Rwokobo, he likes his colleagues at Leopard Rest Camp.

James thinks that guests should see and experience the nature especially the plants.

James’ future plan is to work so he can look after his family.


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